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Table from side:
Location Time   Item/Mission Mission Item Location Prize
A1   Fight Darriou   300 Onyx
A3   Mission Kira: Find the riddle to this warriors identity in the Temple ruins and return it to her. G6  
A3   Training Kira    
A4 3 - 8 PM Chest Koffin JQ unlocks Nexus Arena    
A4   Chest 200 Ruby koins    
A5     Kamidogu    
A7   Fight Sonya: 7 hit combo   300 Ruby
B1   Fight Kabal: Beat him 3 time / Koffin DA unlocks Kabal's Alt Costume   500 Sapphire
B1   Mission Kabal: Bring the Earthrealm map to the Temple ruins   400 Onyx
B1   Movie Koffin OK unlocks Silat video    
B2   Fight Noob   400 Onyx
B4   Chest 200 Ruby koins    
B4   Chest 200 Ruby koins    
B5   Chest 200 Ruby koins    
B6     This note is addressed to Havik    
B7   Mission Locate a hidden chest with the maze    
B8   Training Noob-Smoke    
C2   Chest 200 Gold koins    
C3   Mission Scorpion: Locate the fallen Shirai-Ryu clansman and return Scorpion's mask to him    
C7   Fight Bo Rai Cho: Earthquake   300 Platinum
D6   Fight Li Mei: You can't block   350 Sapphire
D7 5AM Chest Koffin MD unlock Dragon King's Temple (in hut)    
D8 8PM Chest Koffin QI unlocks Darriou's alt costume (in house)    
D8   Fight Sindel: Beat her 3 times   300 Sapphire
E2     Havik    
E3   Mission Darriou: Locate Kobra and defeat him in battle H7 400 Jade
E6   Chest 300 Gold koins (in building)    
E7   Movie Koffin HJ unlocks Tiles of Death and Whimsy    
F4   Chest 250 Jade koins    
F5   Chest 300 Platinum koins (in building)    
F5   Mission Tell lies to the leaders of the Yanasi and Yanges tribes to start a war    
F6   Chest 200 Platinum koins (in building)    
F6   Fight Jade: Beat her in 30 seconds   300 Platinum
F7   Chest Koffin QK unlocks Liu Kang's story board    
F7   Chest 300 Onyx (in building)    
F7   Mission Find the woman again who gave you this note and deliver it to her F7 400 Jade
G1   Fight Smoke   350 Sapphire
G4 12 AM Sunday Yin Yang Koffin PS Unlocks Shujinko Kick    
G4   Fight Baraka    
G4   Training Havik   Portal Key
G6     Strange Scroll    
G7   Chest 250 Onyx koins (in building)    
G7   Mission Travel to the fountain in Edenia and return with the empty bucket full of Edenia water   400 Gold
G8   Chest Koffin MM unlocks Shujinko's alt bio    
H2   Chest 200 Platinum koins    
H3   Fight Mileena   350 Ruby
H4   Chest Koffin JS unlock Havik (in hut)    
H5   Chest 250 Sapphire koins    
H5   Chest 250 Sapphire koins    
H6   Mission Mokap: Retrieve the hidden Earthrealm map from the temple ruins and return to Mokap for a reward    
H7   Fight Kobra: Darriou Mission   300 Ruby

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