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Table from side: mortalkombatguides.com
Location Time   Item/Mission Mission Item Location Prize
F4   Fight Kabal: You can't block | 3 rounds   300 Jade
A3   Training Darriou: Training    
A4 5PM Chest Koffin GF Unlocks Kutatan Palace (in house)    
A4 8AM Fight Li Mei: Beat her in 30 Seconds / Koffin TE Unlocks Li Mei's Alt costume   100 Sapphire
B3   Chest 250 Ruby koins (in house)    
B4   Mission Stryker: Find a citizen that knows the location of the Seidan Guard Academy D6 / E6 400 Ruby
B5   Mission Help pick up all the boxes   400 Jade
B6   Chest 250 Platinum koins (in house)    
C2   Fight Bo' Rai Cho: Do a 35% damage Combo   400 Jade
C5   Chest 250 Ruby koins (in building)    
C6   Mission Mavado: Acquire 1000 Red koins to trade with Mavado   500 Sapphire
C6   Movie Mokap: Koffin AF unlocks Chou Jaio Video    
C7   Fight Sindel: Bleeding to death    
C8   Training Darrius: Training    
D1 7AM Yin Yang Koffin OF unlock Shujiko's Flip scissor kick    
D1   Mission Havik: Find 5 citizens in Red Town and talk them into rioting. F2 600 Sapphire
D3   Chest 300 Platinum koins    
D3   Fight Raiden: Fight    
D3   Fight Raiden: Koffin MA unlock Raiden (200% damage)    
D4   Yin Yang Koffin SQ unlock Shujinko's Fatality 2    
D6   Chest 200 Sapphire koins    
D6   Chest 200 Onyx koins (in building)    
D6   Mission Find a citizen that has information about the missing emissary F5 500 Ruby
D6     Kamidogu    
D7   Fight Jade: You can't block   300 Platinum
D8   Mission Find a citizen who has a Green Gem. E8  
D8   Mission Find a citizen who has a Gold Nugget. G6  
D8   Mission Find a citizen who has a Fire Opal C1  
D8   Mission Find a citizen who has a Winter Stone B3 600 Sapphire
E3   Chest 250 Ruby koins    
E4   Mission Fujin: Search the realm of Order to find Fujin's Book G3 (in house) 400 Jade
E5   Chest 250 Jade koins (in building)    
E6   Chest 200 Ruby koins    
F5 8AM Yin Yang Koffin IN Unlocks Shujinko's Icy Breeze (in building)    
F5   Chest 200 Jade koins    
F6   Fight Jax: Only throws do Damage   125 Platinum
G4   Chest 200 Platinum koins    
G4   Training Hotaru: Training    
G5 5AM Chest Koffin SE unlock Liu Kang's alt bio    
G5   Mission Find three citizen that tells you their age and return to the census taker.  H5  G4  G3 500 Jade
G7   Fight Kenshi: Defeat Kenshi 3 times   100 Sapphire
H1 3AM Chest Koffin OJ unlock Hotaru    
H4   Chest 300 Gold koins    
H5 1PM Chest Koffin OQ Unlocks Quan Chi's Fortress (in hut)    
H6   Fight Kenshi: Defeat Kenshi 3 times   300 Platinum
H8   Chest 250 Onyx koins    

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