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Table from side:
LocationTime   Item/Mission Mission Item Location Prize
A4  Mission Find Proof that Oni exists (in hut) Walking around town @ night  
A4  Chest 200 Jade Koins    
A6  Mission Help Villager cure his tooth Hit guy in face Koins
B1  Chest 200 Sapphire Koins    
B3  Mission Locate 5 kin Kuei Before Dawn A2 A4 B6 C4 D4  
B4  Mission Locate lost Bracelet    
B5  Mission Find the lost key somewhere in the park. A6  
B69 AM Chest Koffin KI Scorpion's Alt Costume    
B6  Mission Find the hiding boy. A6 Mysterious Key
B6  Mission Deliver a note to the Blacksmith B4  
C2  Mission Find Vase for the stranger man ?  
C2  Music Koffin CC Beetle Lair Music    
C3  Chest Koffin ON Unlock Kenshi    
C3  Chest 300 Onyx Koins    
C4  Mission Scare man Away @ 2:00 AM    
C4  Music Koffin KT Liu Kang's Tomb music    
C4  Chest 250 Ruby Koins    
C5  Mission Find medicine for the sick boy Before 8 PM B6 Koins
C5  Mission Find woman missing son. A3  
C610 PM Chest Koffin ND Bo' Rai Cho Puzzle Fighter    
C6  Chest 200 Platinum Koins    
D1  Chest Koffin HB Yin Yang Puzzle Arena    
D2  Chest 250 Gold Koins    
D3  Mission Find Lost Dog ?  
D4  Mission Locate Flour for baker B3 in hut  
D4  Mission Fill the bucket with water from well    
D5  Chest Koffin GP Unlock Portal Arena    
D5  Mission Teach Mekko a lesson A6 Key Take to parents hut
D5  Chest 200 Sapphire Koins    
D5    Reclaim the Pawned wedding ring Punch Guy A6  
D6  Question 15 Platinum Koins  

Mortal Kombat Forever 2001- Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone!

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